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The Linders Health Institute™ emerged as a result of the regulatory environmental changes that have occurred since 2008 as well as the PPACA (Patient Protection Affordable Care Act) as mandated by TJC (The Joint Commission) and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services).

Compliance standards for the construction of healthcare facilities were mandated that are specific to the impact of exposure of airborne pathogens during construction and their impact on the Health, Safety, and Welfare of patients, caregivers, workers, and employees during the construction process.

The need for training and accreditation involved in the construction process (contractors, builders, developers, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, suppliers and attorneys) is essential. Contractors are slack on meeting compliance as well as adherence to requirements. There are no applicable construction standards or protocols for project safety. There are also no specific training or accreditation offered unless hospitals engage contractors in their own training program. This is neither feasible nor cost effective for them.

The entire process is without any type of checks and balance during the construction activities.

The release of environmental microorganisms during construction, resulting in Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) is well documented and established. It is a known fact within the healthcare industry that 5- 7000 patients die annually as a result of exposure during construction. A fundamental legal question known to litigating and construction attorneys is:

What is the possibility that a root cause investigation of Healthcare Acquired Infections resulting in injuries or death could be traced back to construction, renovation, remediation, demolition or repairs?

Additionally, beginning October 2008, the Center for Medicare/Medicaid services (CMS) has mandated it will no longer reimburse hospitals for specific nosocomial infections thereby placing huge financial burdens onto hospitals.

Executive Summary

Marlene Linders is the Executive Director for The Linders Health Institute TM which addresses safety, compliance and exposure risks during construction of healthcare buildings and the built environment. The Institute's ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) Course has obtained global recognition and is now used as the USGBC's course for healthcare and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for continuing Education.

She is a National Speaker in Infectious Diseases, and one of two women in the USA that are Distinguished Lecturers (DL) for ASHRAE. Ms. Linders, as a DL for ASHRAE, went on a global speaking program about infection control, cross contamination, and its impact on the patient population during construction.

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Our purpose is to make healthcare construction activities safer, while ensuring of compliance standards mandated by key organizations through course training and education. At our core, our mission is to educate, train and accredit all relevant parties to the construction and management of healthcare and hospital facilities.


The Linders Health Institute™ has a goal to fill the gap for training for the AEC, construction, and healthcare industries as it specifically relates to the Environment of Care. Our workshops are approved for Continuing Education for the following:

  • CIH#1017381.5CM
  • IICRC .5
  • GBCI 1 CE HR 0090010512